Our Values

We give 100% effort to the task at hand and complete it to the best of our ability.
We do not wait to be asked and in our decisions and actions we are accountable.
The member is the group and the group is the member.
We see the humour in all adversity that we may face.
None of us shall see him or herself above the needs of the group.

Mission Statement

Hamilton SAR Group provides highly competent and operationally focused teams
that are well led, trained and equipped.


Elton Parata
Gilbert Southworth
Gin Peck
Membership Coordinator
E ninandnim@xtra.co.nz
Matt Hassard
Operations Coordinator
E snapperassasin@xtra.co.nz
Russell Lamb
Dave Pitchford
Police Rep
Jake Crosby
Newsletter (Non-committee)

This Months Meeting 15th August

7:30pm, Central Police Station

  • Graeme Hill will give an overview of the search dog group, how tracking works and capabilities in the field.
  • Guest speaker - Major Teua who has served in Afghanistan with the NZ Army. He is going to talk to us specifically about Leadership and Initiative in an action oriented environment.
  • YSAR graduates Esther Woodward & Shaun McArthur.
  • Elton & Matt will give us an overview of their week long Advanced Tracking course at OPC from 8th - 12th August.

LandSar CEO Roadshow 22nd August

Remember that LandSar CEO Hadyn Smith will be hosting a meeting at 7pm on the 22nd of August at the Hamilton Police Station, everyone is welcome.

Last Months Meeting

  • Probability of Area & Team Initiative Exercise
  • Upcoming LandSar CEO Roadshow on 22nd August 2011 discussed
  • Presentation by YSAR Graduate Michael Donovan

Monthly Training Thursday 25th August

Starting 5:30pm. The venue is yet to be decided but it will be on the east side of town. If you would like anything specific covered at one of the trainings please let Matt know.



  • If you are going away: Contact Gin with the dates you are unavailable.
  • If you are unable to attend a training: Contact Matt Hassard.
  • If you are unable to attend a meeting: Contact Gin or a committee member.

Pager Test Message

Reminder for all those members with pagers. The first of every month a test message is sent out to ensure your pager is operational, if you do not receive this message you should contact Matt.

Personal Details

Contact Russell if there are any changes to your contact details so the callout list is updated. Change of email address also needs to be passed on to Jake for the newsletter.

Search Dogs Committeenew

Graeme Hill has just joined the national committee for landsar search dogs. He will be able to keep us informed of what is happening nationally in this area.

New Websitenew

The new look Hamilton SAR Group website is now online at hsar.org.nz


None this month.

New Membersupdated

Tom Fredrickson

Ex YSAR member, Deisel Mechanic, Rock Climber.

For Sale

  • Backcountry ration packs – with breakfast, lunch, dinner and extras pack (tea, coffee, chocolate etc.). They are a bargain at $20. Remember – these are sold to our group at this special rate on the understanding that they will only be used during SAREXs or SAR Operations.
  • Hamilton SAR cloth badge, $6.00 contact Russell
  • Whistles – Bright and Loud, $12 contact Barry

Discounts for Members

  • R&R Sport – 25% Ask for Wayne Addison.
  • Trek 'n' Travel – 20%
  • Bivouac Outdoor – 20%
  • Macpac Hamilton – up to 30%
  • Torpedo 7 – 10% Email Barry for discount code.
  • Kathmandu – Free summit club membership


12th - 14thCourseSearch MethodsTauranga
12th - 14thCourseTrackingTauranga
15thMeetingGuest Speaker - Leadership and InitiativeHamilton
20th - 21stCourseSearch MethodsHamilton
20th - 21stCourseTeam LeaderHamilton
20th - 21stCourseFirst Aid (SARINZ)Hamilton
22ndMeetingLandSar CEO RoadshowHamilton
25thTrainingMonthly Training (Thursday)Hamilton
3rd - 4thCourseMLSO RefresherHamilton
16th - 18thCourseFirst Aid (MSC)Hamilton
19thMeetingDecision Points Part 2 and Search MethodsHamilton
23rd - 25thCourseMLSO - 3-Day Initial Response CourseNational Park
28thTrainingMonthly Training (Wednesday)Hamilton
9th - 10thCourseFoundation Rope RescueWhitianga
18thMeetingRogaine practiceHamilton
27thTrainingMonthly Training (Thursday)Hamilton
11th - 13thCourseFirst Aid (MSC)Tauranga
30thTrainingMonthly Training (Wednesday)Hamilton
MeetingPack Float on Waikato RiverHamilton
9th - 11thCourseMLSO - 3-Day Initial Response CourseNational Park